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About Us

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Zarnab International (Pvt) Limited is the most prestigious name of unshakeable trust in Foreign Education & Immigration Consultancy in Pakistan. Zarnab International (Pvt) Ltd. eventually is one of the pioneers of Foreign Education Consultancy. In the provincial metropolis of Lahore, Zarnab Int. is the apparent leader in terms of the quality and quantity.

Established in 1998 in Lahore, Pakistan, Zarnab Int. has served the needs of thousands of students seeking education abroad. Our clients have generally been highly successful in achieving their professional and educational goals in more than 10 countries.

Zarnab Int.  is a modern educational organization with international collaboration which offers new avenues by providing education counseling to Pakistani students and professionals.

Of the handful of companies providing educational services in Pakistan, Zarnab Int. has proven to be one of the most successful in terms of earning wide recognition and acceptance by the educational and corporate communities.

  • Zarnab Int. is registered with 'Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan'

  • Zarnab Int. is the only ICEF Online Foundation Member of Pakistan

  • Zarnab Int. is a member of 'Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry'

  • Zarnab Int. is a 'Tax Payee organization'

Now it has taken a revolutionary step for the service of its clients that will surely be a milestone and landscape in the field of Foreign Education & Immigration Consultancy. It has introduced a unique "information-providing programme" which is not only time saving, but also is in an easy access of each and every individual.

Now Zarnab Int. offers immigration assessment all over the country on just one phone call or an e-mail. Zarnab Int. provides the people comprehensive information, detailed enquiries and effective consultancy. It also helps the general public to explore the opportunities and evaluate their chances of study abroad or immigration. It is undoubtly an exemplary step in such age of quick and fast communication.

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